Studio Fundamentals

Learn the fundamental skills you need to build out and use your home studio | Producer Robby Resnick
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Course Contents

Lesson 1: Expanding Your Studio Knowledge with Studio Fundamentals
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Lesson 2: Recording History and How it Affects YOUR Studio
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Lesson 3: Signal Flow and Understanding the Audio Path
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Lesson 4: Cables and Connectors...Knowing When and How to Use the Right One
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Lesson 5: Planning Your Studio to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck
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Lesson 6: Getting the Sound Right at the Source with the Right Microphones
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Lesson 7: Understanding Preamps: The Color of Your Sound.
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Lesson 8: Analog to Digital, and Back Again. How A/D/A Affects Your Sound.
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Lesson 9: The Pipeline to Your Computer
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Lesson 10: Audio Monitors: The Windows to Your Audio World
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Lesson 11: Plugin Fundamentals. The Spice of a Good Mix
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Lesson 12: MIDI Crash Course.
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Lesson 13: Organizing Your Session Like a Pro
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Lesson 14: Course Wrap Up
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What You'll Learn

98% of all home studio producers Do NOT UNDERSTAND the basics of a great recording setup, according to a statistic I just made up.

Do you really *get* the signal flow of a pro session, from the different types of Mics, to A/D & D/A Converters, and all the way through back to your monitors...or do you still struggle with some of the basic concepts, limiting your ability to make great records?

Then you're about to dramatically up your game with the Studio Fundamentals series.

Featuring Multi-Platinum founder Nathan "Adan" Adam and accomplished studio consultant Robbie Resnick, over the course of ~2 hours you’re going to advance your skills in areas like putting together your home studio, working with the different types of microphones, a complete walkthrough of analog to digital conversion and signal flow, choosing the best gear for your needs, and much more.

Don't continue to skip the basics.

In just 2 short hours you're going to be on your way to better recordings.

Jump into the Studio Fundamentals Course now.

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Robby Resnick
Robby Resnick
Sweetwater Sales Engineer, Studio Design Specialist, Instructor

Robby grew up in Atlanta playing drums in bands around the city. He graduated with honors from MTSU for Recording Industry - Production and Technology. He was a first call assistant for many of the professors and assisted on sessions at the symphonic center in Nashville as well as in the studio at MTSU for Pearl Drums and Warner Brother Records.

Immediately after school, he was hired to be a part of the Sweetwater team. While his early education in recording and live sound was received at the "School of Hard Knocks", he currently holds certifications from Avid Icon, Apogee, Genelec, Avid Venue, and many more. He is most proud of my Avid Icon certification which is an intensive multi-class course class on higher-end studio integration.

Questions or comments? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at