Secrets of the Hits: In the Style of Taylor Swift

Learn the tips, tricks, and techniques necessary to create polished Taylor Swift style tracks. | Producer Dean Palya Jr
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What You'll Learn


Some of the hottest pop country music today comes from artists like Taylor Swift.

Is it just some twangy guitars and a rocking back beat? Or is there something more?


So WHY aren't YOUR tracks that tight? That catchy? With every interplay of every tone, note, and twang...what separates YOUR songs from the pack?

As a producer, YOUR VALUE is in UNDERSTANDING the TONES, STYLES, and SECRETS that can be used to create incredible hit recordings.

That’s why we’ve painstakingly recreated a track in the style of this hit artist from scratch.

As you go through this course, you’ll be amazed at your dramatically increased production skills.


Section 1: UNDERSTAND the key elements of a hit Modern Country track. Which ones are MISSING in your current productions?

Section 2: LAYING DOWN THE DRUMS with the right sounds and styles, from choosing the best samples, to mixing in electronic elements…it ALL goes to creating a foundation that’s SO MUCH GREATER than the sum of it’s parts.

Section 3: BUILDING THE BASS is essential to supporting your tracks. Just “turning it up” in the mix is NOT going to get you the hit sound you’re looking for.

Section 4: MIXING THE GUITARS: Acoutics, electrics, leads, rhythm and steel. Hit Country Music has complicated layers of stringed instruments that must be approached with a strong understanding of their role, and the way they interplay. UNDERSTAND and DEVELOP the skill to do GREAT Guitar sounds in your next Hit.

Making the sound of a HIT Song is Not easy, or everyone would do it.

You want better than what you’re getting now, and that doesn’t happy with endless trial and error.

Join Secrets of the Hits: In the Style of Taylor Swift today and make better records by tomorrow.

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Dean Palya Jr
Dean Palya Jr
Producer/Engineer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Instructor

A multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter on Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Organ, Violin, Saxaphone and Vocals, Dean is one of the most versatile music creators working today. In addition to tracking and mixing demos and masters for a range of Nashville artists, he has produced 7 full length records of his own songs in genres as diverse as rock, pop, classical and hip hop. His ability to capture the essence of a song and portray it through the production give his recordings a sincere touch.

Dean works hard to understand what an artist is trying to achieve with a project and provides the music to perfectly support and capture the emotion, feel, and sound best suited for the project. Whether it’s an intimate piano ballad, a mellow alternative track, or a high-energy dance pop tune, Dean has the tools to bring it to life.

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