Project Studio Mastering

taught by Mitch Gallagher
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Mitch Gallagher
Mitch Gallagher
Engineer & Author

About the Instructor

The former senior technical editor of Keyboard magazine and former editor-in-chief of EQ magazine, Gallagher has published nearly 1,000 articles in magazines such as Performing Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar, EQ, EQ en Espanol, Keyboard, Pro Sound News, Guitar Player, Government Video, Extreme Groove, Music Technology Buyer's Guide, Videography, Strings, and Microphones & Monitors. He is also the former editor of Church Sound magazine, and served as associate editor at Live Sound magazine.

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Can your songs compete with professional masters?

Featuring Grammy Winner Mitch Gallagher, Project Studio Mastering takes the track you pocketed, tuned and mixed in the Multi-Platinum University series, and shows you the step by step process of mastering it in your project studio. With hours of hi-ddef footage, Project Studio Mastering shows you the in-depth processes of

  • Mastering with multiple-EQs,
  • Multiple-compression,
  • Creating a "curve" for your master,
  • Referencing professional masters,
  • Creating musical intros & outros,
  • Sequencing your tracks together for output to CD!

Follow along with theses real world examples you have grown to know so well, and immediately apply the mastering techniques to your own productions for a new level of "pro" sound.

Course Contents

45 Videos
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