Nashville Metal In-The-Box Mixing

Mix massive metal and learn the secrets to creating clear, loud, and hard-hitting tracks | Producer Chris Sy
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Course Contents

Section 1: Getting Started & Project Overview
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Section 2: Getting Gigantic and Clear Drums
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Section 3: Layering Huge Guitars
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Section 4: Laying Down Thundering Bass
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Section 5: Adding Symphonic Elements & Synth FX Elements
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Section 6: A Heavenly Interlude
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Section 7: Achieving Impact Vocals
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What You'll Learn

EXTREME METAL. Everything is LOUD. Everything is CLEAR. Everything is IN YOUR FACE.

So why do your Metal Mixes sound so QUIET, MUDDY and THIN?

If you’re like me, you’ve asked yourself countless times, “How do they do that?

If I turn up the guitars, I lose the drums. If I turn up the drums, I can’t hear the vocals. If I turn up the vocals, I’m clipping the master. How do I make everything PUNCHY, HUGE and CRYSTAL CLEAR? How do they make it sound so good?”

In Nashville Metal: In-the-Box Mixing we show you how.

You’ll download the session and follow along.

You’ll develop the advanced ROUTING, PROCESSING and AUTOMATION skills to take your mixes beyond the next level.

No one wants to listen to badly produced & mixed music, and Metal requires time, effort, and attention to detail beyond many other genres of music. So quit posting woofy, sloppy tracks, and get In-The-Box now, with Nashville Metal Mixing


Section 1: UNDERSTAND how a massive metal session is laid out for optimal mixing efficiency. From how to arrange your tracks, to where to place audio, sends, and aux return tracks.

Section 2: FREAKING GIGANTIC DRUMS are the cornerstone of a brutal metal mix. Don’t settle for flabby kick and snare sounds…pummel your listeners with a double kick sound that rattles teeth…

Section 3: LAYERING HUGE GUITARS. If your Metal Guitars aren’t HUGE, then you might as well be mixing bluegrass. Get the scoop on the processing required to make insane guitar sounds.

Section 4: THUNDERING BASS provides the fundamental underpinnings of great Metal…but it’s SO easy to go COMPLETELY wrong and end up with a woofy mess. But NOT today. Today you develop the skill for mixing gut wrenching low end.

Section 5: SYMPHONIC ELEMENTS add twists, turns and ear candy to an otherwise bland Metal Track. Learn when and how to make them support, or shine.

Section 6: A HEAVENLY INTERLUDE gives your listener the breathing space, and dynamics in a song that can otherwise leave them on their knees. Learn how to make it work with your track for maximum impact.

Section 7: IMPACT VOCALS are a requirement in ANY modern metal track. Don’t skimp out at the end just because the rest of your track is rocking to it’s core. Learn to mix the roar of an impact vocal and make it fit exactly where it belongs.

Your last crappy metal mix was yesterday. Today, you’re moving up.

Join the Nashville Metal: In the Box Mixing course Now.

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Chris Sy
Chris Sy
Producer/Engineer, Digital Technology Expert, Instructor

Springing from the home of the worlds fastest computer, Oak Ridge, Chris Sy has quickly found his way to the heart of modern music production. Raised on a diet of music and technology, in his teens he began using the two together to establish himself amongst engineers with tens of years to their name.

Today his calendar stays full producing 18 person A’ Cappella groups, melodic and progressive metal, and everything in between. Whether re-amping the bone-crunching breakdowns of The Human Condition, pocketing virtuosic melodies in 15/4 and 23/8 forExistence, or dialing in the perfect lead-vocal shimmer for Beyond All Reason, Chris can be found using the perfect tools, making his clients’ imagination their reality.

Chris is studied in layered guitar tones like that of Adam Duktiewicz, has compared mastering theory with Joey Sturgis, and continues to produce full symphonic orchestrations, much like Cameron Mizell, perfectly complementing his artists’ ideas. Chris builds his own DAW workstations and plays them like an instrument, giving all of his productions a glimmer of life.

Always feel free to contact us at with any questions!