Nashville Demo Indie Rock Mastering

Master a massive sounding indie rock track | Producer Chris Sy
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BUNDLE: Nashville Demo Indie Rock

What You'll Learn

Are you missing that massive and clear sound in your tracks?

Do your mixes hold up in your studio but nowhere else?

Don't you want to learn

  • how to work with compressors to smooth out your overall track?
  • the right way to crank up the volume using mastering limiters?
  • effective uses of EQ to clean up your overall track?
  • the best way to warm up your track with that final touch?

In these videos, you will

  • Learn the basics of mastering to understand the chain.
  • Discover the techniques used by the pros to get huge sound across multiple systems.
  • Pick up tips and tricks for warming up your track and making it even clearer than the mix.

So work with us in Nashville Demo Mastering v2: Indie Rock!

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Chris Sy
Chris Sy
Producer/Engineer, Digital Technology Expert, Instructor

Springing from the home of the worlds fastest computer, Oak Ridge, Chris Sy has quickly found his way to the heart of modern music production. Raised on a diet of music and technology, in his teens he began using the two together to establish himself amongst engineers with tens of years to their name.

Today his calendar stays full producing 18 person A’ Cappella groups, melodic and progressive metal, and everything in between. Whether re-amping the bone-crunching breakdowns of The Human Condition, pocketing virtuosic melodies in 15/4 and 23/8 forExistence, or dialing in the perfect lead-vocal shimmer for Beyond All Reason, Chris can be found using the perfect tools, making his clients’ imagination their reality.

Chris is studied in layered guitar tones like that of Adam Duktiewicz, has compared mastering theory with Joey Sturgis, and continues to produce full symphonic orchestrations, much like Cameron Mizell, perfectly complementing his artists’ ideas. Chris builds his own DAW workstations and plays them like an instrument, giving all of his productions a glimmer of life.

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