Bass Programming

Learn to program realistic bass parts in the box | Producer Dean Palya Jr
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What You'll Learn

Build impressive bass parts from scratch - even if you're not a bass player.

Creating lifelike parts using virtual instruments in the box is a necessary skill for producers. With this course, you'll build these skills and learn the secrets to writing great parts and building great tracks.

In Bass Programming Fundamentals through Mastery you'll advance your skills from:

  • the basics of working with the tools already in your DAW to create great bass parts.
  • how to figure out the best part and notes for your production and genre.
  • the basics of MIDI programming so that you can move around your DAW effeciently.
  • the perfect way to print your bass parts to audio.

all the way up to:

  • injecting realistic "feel" to your performances.
  • Advanced layering and humanizing techniques.
  • perfecting your parts for ALL genres.
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Dean Palya Jr
Dean Palya Jr
Producer/Engineer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Instructor

A multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter on Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Organ, Violin, Saxaphone and Vocals, Dean is one of the most versatile music creators working today. In addition to tracking and mixing demos and masters for a range of Nashville artists, he has produced 7 full length records of his own songs in genres as diverse as rock, pop, classical and hip hop. His ability to capture the essence of a song and portray it through the production give his recordings a sincere touch.

Dean works hard to understand what an artist is trying to achieve with a project and provides the music to perfectly support and capture the emotion, feel, and sound best suited for the project. Whether it’s an intimate piano ballad, a mellow alternative track, or a high-energy dance pop tune, Dean has the tools to bring it to life.

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